Welcome to Gulfcoast Software Solutions LLC

Our core business consists of 5 major components

1. Video System Integration Services, Products and Implementation

While our video, Loss Prevention and POS data integration solutions feature the Gulfcoast Storekeeper™ Hybrid DVR and NVR Video Management System, our solutions also integrate seamlessly with many other DVR brands including Samsung, Bosch, Ionit, NUUO, Avigilon, Geovision and others.  We feature a state-of-the-art video and data mining solution and the Storekeeper™ Remote Hub which enables the management of all deployed devices and systems from a single location.

For over a decade we’ve provided systems design, scope of work, hardware, integration and support services in the convenience store industry, including video systems, burglar alarm and 2-way audio systems.

Our SOP is to consult with and customize our solution based upon the business model and workflow models our customers employ. Because we design and implement systems and support our customers, we are uniquely qualified to pursue solutions that best fit their needs, both in terms of hardware and software. Our cameras and hardware options are geared to reflect results and ROI and are recommended after reliable research, field testing, implementation and evaluation.

We also offer our hardware, software and video systems and service through major resellers and service organizations such as Siemens and Vector. This facilitates the use of existing client/vendor relationships.

2. Device Integration

Our data integration solutions interface with nearly every device in the convenience store space. Gulfcoast has been integrating digital video with POS data for 12 years. Our Storekeeper™ application imports data from 30 store level devices then creates a uniform database and dashboard at the store level that extracts video and images and delivers them to targeted recipients throughout an organization. It is highly efficient in cloud and client/server environments and uses a small fraction of the bandwidth required for traditional remote video review and auditing.

3. Service

We distribute our video and Loss Prevention software to the field in a modular form and as a complete turnkey video solution, and we maintain our customers’ systems in the field.

Because the margins in service and support are far less lucrative than margins in software we have a unique incentive to maintain the most reliable equipment in the industry, but that is not to say we don’t have one of the best quality of service records in the industry.

We offer service quality second to none. We have a 98% customer loyalty record over the past decade. Our service resources are managed and accessed every day for our client partners from our Clearwater office.

We track all service history by store and device, and offer proprietary or native inventory tracking and management. Our remote hub tools provide real-time site level hardware profiles and statistics, and automatically distribute service issues.

We offer satellite offices and warehouse facilities across the USA and Canada to support field operations including Clearwater, FL, Deland, FL, Greensboro, NC, Atlanta, GA, Baton Rouge, LA, Eldorado, AR, Dallas, TX, Oklahoma City, OK and Dayton, OH.

4. Remote Daily Transaction and Compliance Audits

Loss Prevention, Exception Management and Compliance Review Services. We offer a remote audit Loss Prevention service for $5 Per Day per location. This requires no investment in hardware and our loss prevention professional’s review up to 200 flagged transactions and events each and every day at each and every store. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no hassles. While this may seem like a substantial investment the average shrink loss in the convenience store market is $75-$125 per day per store. By reviewing every transaction and other suspicious activity each day we eliminate the majority of theft that “flies under the radar”, report questionable behavior directly to you for further action, and create an environment of compliance across your enterprise. We deliver a substantial ROI and free your management and staff to serve your customers.

5. CB Software (development)

We design, produce and support global, intelligent video based solutions designed initially for the convenience store industry. We interface with most VMS solutions and standardize and archive data from over 25 store level devices to a searchable local database in real-time. The operational data and video are analyzed, refined and reduced, then distributed, aggregated and stored globally on demand.

Our seamless real-time global tools support the integration and management of store level hardware in an enterprise environment. These tools manage video, POS and data integration points with real-time alerts and reports. Functionality includes real-time exception management and system alerts, real-time system status, user management, data and video access and distribution, real-time hardware health monitoring, system status monitoring and automatically generated service requests.

We offer analytics, traditional analog cameras, and IP cameras from 1 to 25 mega-pixel, 180 and 360 degree cameras and fail safe cameras that record and store video even when the DVR system is compromised, fails or is stolen.

Patent Pending Remote Video, Exception and Image Technology
We feature a patent pending solution that dramatically reduces the bandwidth required for remote review of video and events enabling analysts and department managers to fully utilize store level video and data archives.

The industry standard strategy utilizing integration of POS data and VMS platforms features the synchronized review of data (POS) events with archived video. This protocol typically uses a hyperlink from a global reporting tool or LP dashboard, which facilitates the review and analysis of the event by streaming the relevant video across a network from the retail location or the cloud.

Gulfcoast eliminates the vast majority of bandwidth and time resources required to execute this task by extracting, parsing and refining relevant images from the VMS archive, then distributing filmstrips or single images to designated or multi-level recipients. This tactical process in effect refines the events and images to the essential information required to facilitate the investigation, rather than streaming bulk video clips. It also provides a hyperlink to the full video archive if necessary.

In the case of a return fraud investigation our solution would acquire and queue a single image of the transaction from the VMS to confirm the presence of the product and customer, then compile a secondary filmstrip of the entire event (perhaps one image every 5 seconds before and after). A five minute filmstrip review of the event would consist of 60 images, pre-loaded on a desktop server or the cloud. Comparatively a 5 minute video clip at 30 FPS streaming remotely to an auditor would consist of roughly 4,500 images. In addition to dramatically reduced bandwidth requirements, the time required to review the transaction using the Gulfcoast Image Archiver is approximately 10 seconds versus streaming a 5 minute video clip.

In the case of a cooler temperature monitor, where the temperature gauge registers a spike, the Gulfcoast application will acquire and dispatch an image of the cooler door to the manager on duty facilitating immediate verification that the door is closed. If the door is closed and power consumption is increased (we interface with door contacts and power consumption monitoring devices) we can dispatch a service order to a vendor in real time.

This tool is also used to archive credit card transactions (to facilitate review after the VMS archive expires), evaluate operations, facilitate compliance reviews, or conduct operational audits where it is impractical to stream video.