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Success Stories

Gulfcoast offers the most intuitive exception review tool in the industry. In most cases the entire daily exception report can be reviewed in less than 20 minutes creating immediate results and an environment of compliance that delivers thousands to your bottom line.

Our success speaks for itself, and our customers speak on our behalf. If you would like to meet our customers to discuss their experiences please visit us at one of our many trade shows or contact us and we will arrange a conference call.

With an over 98% customer loyalty record over the past 12 years you will understand why we say, if you want the facts about Gulfcoast, ask our customers not our competitors!


Recently we installed the first system with a multi-unit operator in a store that featured gas, convenience retail and foodservice. The results were as follows:

  • Audited retail segment loss before Storekeeper™ exception monitoring almost $2,700
  • Audit retail segment loss after 30 days of exception monitoring using Storekeeper™ $1,100
  • Retail segment improvement slightly over $1600
  • Non-audited foodservice segment net cash flow gain was over $1000

Total store improvement was a bottom line increase of over $2600 vs. the prior month.


Recently we installed 3 systems with a multi-unit operator in stores that featured gas and convenience retail. The results were as follows:

  • Audited losses after Storekeeper™ exception monitoring for a 3 month period were reduced over $3,000 for 3 stores for a projected recovery of $36,000 in lost profits for 2014.
  • The only hardware deployed in this case was the Gulfcoast Storekeeper™ NVR and one camera.

The full ROI was realized in less than 140 days.