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Our Storekeeper™ Legacy

Our legacy in the retail and convenience industry began in 1927 in Big Bay, Michigan, when Henry Ford hired my Great-Grandfather, the local LS&I Railroad Station chief, Archie Fleury, to manage his general store and local bulk distribution operations.

Times have changed but many challenges have not. Marketing, inventory, liability, shrink, facility management, compliance, human resources, security, banking, bulk goods, cash and others remain.

Gulfcoast Storekeeper™ creates and stores a digital record of your operation, in real-time, with images. We can even archive years of events with images on your store video system, with zero storage fees. Whether you have 1 or 10,000 stores, you don’t need complicated software, expensive infrastructure or a "global database" to get what you need. Just ask the Storekeeper™ to send you the facts. Think of it as your own personal Archie Fleury, keeping an eye on things and keeping you in the loop.

– Tim Lindblom, Executive Vice President, Gulfcoast Software Solutions